Let Me Help You On Your Path to Clarity - Company Message
About Me

It is a blessing to help the bereaved cope with loss by delivering messages from loved ones who have crossed over. 

Every spirit has a their own unique way of communicating. I find that they often bring the character of who they were on earth through in the most loving and amazing ways! It is always a new experience and journey which brings humbling respect and I feel honored to mediate every session. 

As a Clairvoyant, (clear seeing) I receive visions of people, places, things of the past, present and future. As a Clairaudient, (clear hearing) I hear messages from the other side. As an Empath, (feeling) I usually experience the sensations of the physical and emotional states of being. I am also Clairsentient, the psychic senses of smelling, tasting and feeling. 

I am frequently asked, "Have I had this gift my whole life?" 
As a child I was empathic, always picking up others emotions or feelings. In my teens I became aware of intuitive thoughts and would read any information on the subject. My dreams were usually very vivid and sometimes I could travel outside my body. Once aware of this phenomena I began trying to practice astral projection. Unfortunately, in my childhood I experienced some traumatic emotional pain which forced my chakras closed. When our chakras are closed, it leaves our body and mind working with a dull ability. It was through years of holistic healing and therapy that lead me on my journey of self discovery. It is meditation and prayer that keep my vibration high, allowing the communication levels to open. 

This being said, it is just as important for my client to have an open heart allowing the energy and messages to flow easier. This only happens when we are ready.