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Having a reading with Kelly was a wonderful, comforting, and healing experience for me. She has confirmed my belief that my loved ones are with me in spirit. I highly recommend that you record the session to listen to again since so much is said and some of it might make more sense when you hear it again. My mother also had a reading with Kelly and my father definitely came through. Things were said that only my father could have known. She hasn't been this happy in years. Thanks, Kelly! 
~Debbie P., Norwood PA

I have had numerous shows with Kelly and each and every time she has amazed us all!  She has told us things that no one but our deceased family members or friends would know. She has brought tears of happiness to many friends and family who have attended her readings. She has brought closure to many. I highly recommend Kelly and am looking forward to many more shows with her! 
~Gina L., New Jersey

My experience with Kelly was amazing. I had recently lost my grandmother, which Kelly was not aware of. The information Kelly passed on to me was not only completely accurate, but at times shocking how detailed it was.  Naturally it is hard to loose someone close to you, but when someone with a gift like this is able to help you heal, it makes the process much easier.  I was fortunate to have several family members come through. I am sure that everyone's experience is a little different, but I would recommend a session with Kelly any day! 
~Jennifer D., West Grove, PA 

My experience with Kelly was life changing.I was going through a really hard time with my Mom's passing in 2009. It is very difficult to watch a love one suffer like she did and there was a couple of questions I had wanted to ask my Mom. Kelly's reading answered those questions for me allowing me a calmness that I haven't felt in a long time. Kelly truly has a gift and for that I am very grateful.Thank you Kelly for helping me in my most difficult time. 
~Kathy L., Oxford, PA

My life has completely changed after having the opportunity to get my questions answered from my grandmother who passed. Kelly truly has a gift. I wasn't sure how my reading would go, so I wore a bracelet I gave my grandmother when she was sick. I haven't touched the bracelet since her passing. I didn't tell Kelly about the bracelet but she sure enough pointed it out because my grandmother knew I had it on. I was asking her in my head, "if you can really hear me- tell Kelly to ask about my bracelet." My mind was blown. I don't feel sad or alone anymore. Why? Because I know my grandmother is still with me, hears me whenever I want to tell her I love her, and still has the personality she did when she was well. Wherever she was, she was still making me laugh. Kelly has such a warm spirit, that you feel comfortable going through the process connecting with your loved ones. It was an experience that I am so thankful for and will never forget.
~Alicia L., Oxford, PA 

 There is no doubt in my mind that Kelly is truly gifted. She is very caring and wonderful. You will not regret having a reading with her. She is the most accurate reader that has ever read for me and she truly cares about her readers.
~Jodi B., Burlington, NJ

My experience with Kelly was quite awesome. I could feel my daughter in our presents. I am still beaming today. This feeling has been with me all day. I lost my daughter will be 2 years in Feb. I always feel her around me and now Kelly got me in contact with her. I am much more peace now knowing that she is safe and happy. I am so looking forward to talking with Kelly again. I am truly amazed. ~Andrew M., Jacksonville FL

I suddenly lost my mom last spring, it was a very difficult time. Meeting Kelly was an unexpected pleasure through a mutual friend. Kelly gave me such comfort and answered so many questions which added peace to my grieving process. It was almost like visiting with my mom. Thank you Kelly for using your gift to bring comfort to others! ~Sandra D., Oxford Pa

Totally loved my reading from Kelly! I'm at at ease since we spoke about my fathers passing. She could have never known the things she told me without my dad speaking to her! I'm out of my depression now from her reading and at peace with my dads passing. Thank you again for the gift that you shared. 
~Angela M,. Oxford Pa